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1) Buying Western Hockey League (WHL) team photos of the Portland Buckaroos, New Westminster Royals, Victoria Cougars, Seattle Totems, Saskatoon Quakers, San Francisco Seals, Victoria Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Monarchs and all other vintage WHL teams.
2) Buying Pacific Coast Hockey League (PCHL) and Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) team photos, programs, autographs and any other rare or vintage memorabilia from that era. Especially interested in Portland Rosebud and Seattle Metropolitan hockey memorabilia.
3) Buying vintage National Hockey League (NHL) team photos (Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Maroons, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings etc).
4) Buying vintage Allan Cup team photos, Memorial Cup Championship team photos and other championship hockey team photos prior to 1950
5) Buying autographs of all deceased hockey Hall of Fame Players such as George Hainsworth, Howie Morenz, George Vezina, Joe Hall, Taffy Abel, Sprague Cleghorn, Joe Malone.....
4) Buying vintage autographed hockey team photos
5) Buying vintage hockey advertising pieces (Molson's, British Consols, Dow Beer, Frontenac Beer etc)
6) Buying vintage hockey trophies, medals and awards
7) Buying vintage game used hockey jerseys, sticks, pucks etc
Send me a photo or photos of the hockey memorabilia you wish to sell by e-mail in JPEG or GIF format to hockeybum@proaxis.com or call: (541) 327-3841 - home phone or (503) 508-4408 - Cell phone in order to make alternate arrangements. After I receive the photos of the memorabilia or item(s) you wish to sell, I will then take a few days researching the item(s) in order to determine the true market value.

I will then contact you by phone or e-mail in order to discuss my appraisal of the items and to make you an offer. If we reach an agreement on the selling price then I will ask you to mail the items/memorabilia to me via insured mail (this protect both parties in case of loss or theft and allows tracking of the shipment).
Note:I will not pay for any memorabilia prior to receiving it, due to a few unscrupulous individuals having defrauded me in the past.

Once the items/memorabilia have arrived and I am able to confirm that they are as described then I will contact you immediately by phone or e-mail and let you know that payment (money order or cashiers check) will be sent out within 24-48 hours.
I never try to re-negotiate the price after receipt of the items. If for some reason they are not as described then I will mail them back to the seller immediately.
Scott Petterson
14560 white Lane SE
Jefferson, OR 97352
(541) 327-3841 - Home phone or (503) 508-4408 - Cell phone

I want each customer to feel like they were treated in a courteous and professional manner and that they would be willing to do business again with Portlandbuckaroos.com!

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